Birds and Beaches

Friday, I received my first assignment for a potential part-time job. I haven’t actually discussed the terms of the job with my employers yet, so I won’t be posting anything more about it until I know the details.

Anyway, it took us down to the Spit on short notice, so we packed up the dogs (including the boss’s dog, as Libby hadn’t made it back yet), and headed down there. After I finished my assignment, we took all the dogs for a walk on the extremely windy beach. Skippy was kind enough to manage all three dogs while I took some pictures.


She had her hands full:
Lot of dogs

A couple of friendly birds looking for handouts were nearby.


Not yet, the tourist season won’t start for another couple months, little one.

Tiny beggar

Most of the businesses on the Spit are elevated up to road level, as the shoreline drops away a little too steeply. Here are the pillars holding up a series of restaurants and touring companies.


We managed to stay out on the beach for about 10 minutes, before running back to the car to regain the feeling in our faces.

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  1. I love the bird pics, Ryan!!

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