Video from outside and inside our cabin

Here’s about the 30th adn 31st clips I’ve taken with the D90. I found a sequence of steps to take to maintain the video quality as much as possible, but the D90 is no HD camcorder replacement. The optimal configuration requires a fully manual lens, of which I have only one. All my others don’t have a manual aperture ring. Looks like I’ll be trying to find some old Nikkor manual lenses for video work!

The first video is a simple pan of the surrounding area, taken from our porch.

The second is inside the cabin, where you can see my workspace, as well as Macgee.

I’ll have to come up with some stories to sequence, and exercise that video production degree!

Glorious Sunshine

It’s been really sunny for a couple of days now. I’ve started wearing my sunglasses out in the dog yard, because the sun is reflecting off the covering of ice that surrounds us, and making me constantly squint to see what I’m doing. So bright.

I’ve been learning how to shoot video with the D90, and I’m getting it, a piece at a time. Today I finally programmed a button to lock down the exposure before shooting. My previous attempts all suffered from exposure jumps, as changing light caused a noticeable and annoying shift in exposure. Not good for shooting video. I also apparently need to get a tripod that is made of steel, as mine shifts in the wind, especially with big lenses attached to the camera.

Anyway, here are some shots from this morning’s sun bath.

Sun Bath 1

Sun Bath 2

Sun Bath 3

Sun Bath Clearing

Silver Moon

I noticed, sometime after the sun had set, that there appeared to be a luminescent silver stripe running across the mountains. The moon was directly overhead, so there must have been some wisp of cloud shadowing the tops and bottoms of the mountains, but allowing the middle to be illuminated.

I hadn’t tried the D90 in low light yet. I’m pleased with the results!

Silver Shadow 1

This is a Bed and Breakfast place you can rent, if you want views like this. Timber-something-something B&B. Helpful, I know. Maybe I should contact them and get advertising dollars.
A helpful fellow Alaskan commented that this is Timber Bay Bed and Breakfast. Thanks!

Silver Shadow 2

As the evening progressed, the blueish tint became less apparent, but I went ahead and fully desaturated this one, so the house would really stand out.

Silver Shadow 3

Saturday morning, on thin ice

The weather has been variable to the extreme here the past week. First we had 4 inches of snow, then the temperature plummeted to single digits for a day, then it rose to just below freezing. That brought freezing rain, then rain, then snow, then freezing rain again, all in the same day. Yesterday the winds scoured the the hillside, gusting around 50mph, and literally stopping me in my tracks more than once. Today, it’s clear and beautiful, and happily well below freezing (everything gets harder here when it’s above freezing, until summer arrives for good).

What we’re left with is a thin crust of ice over about a foot of soft snow. Below that, it’s several feet of solid snow pack. Later today, I’m going to shoot some video of Ashlee fetching a ball on top of the ice crust, which is unbelievably hilarious, and I’ll post it here.

This morning, however, I broke my self-imposed moratorium on sunrise pictures, because: 1. I have a new camera to try out, and 2. the ice crust is reflective.

Sunrise for the nth time

HDR Sunrise for the nth time

Reflective Sunrise

HDR Reflective Sunrise