Still no internets

Quick update on life: We’re still in the temporary house with no internet. I took a new job as the layout/webmaster/technology coordinator/videographer for the Homer Tribune and helped put out this week’s paper. The weather is beautiful!

I’m very busy with the paper and trying to make living arrangements for the next year, so updates to the blog are minimal. It’ll all be better soon!

A few photos from a Saturday

Today was a busy day. It started out with 4 hours of free tech support at the Homer Library for the local Mac User Group. We had about 12 people come through, which is more than usual. I also received 3 calls with Mac-related questions, which is also more than usual.

While waiting for the library to open, I killed some time by taking pictures of the inside of my car. My poor car has been beaten to a pulp this past year, with the 5000 mile move, rocks flying off of passing trucks, falling in ditches, plowing through snow drifts, temperatures well below 0° F, several volcanic eruptions and subsequent ashfalls, and lots of mud. I washed and vacuumed it for the first time since October, and the difference is astonishing. Now I need to wash the interior and shampoo the seats, but that will happen later this summer, once the muddy season is over.

Sigg Bottle


It was snowing when I drove to town this morning, and sleeting when I came back this evening.

Just before loading these images from my camera, I took some shots of Skippy reading, with the camera sitting on my glass-topped desk. Only the lamp reflected on the glass, making it look like it is sitting in a paper muffin cup.

Skippy and Lamp

Tomorrow we’re having dinner with our friends Sarah and Gregg. Before that, we’ll be shopping for a nice shirt and slacks for me to wear to a job interview on Thursday, with the Kenai Peninsula College.

Volcano pictures, finally

Now that we’re living on the other side of the peninsula, we get a pretty good view of the volcano chain as we drive home. We stopped at the Anchor River State Recreation Area last night so I could get some pictures of Redoubt.

It’s steaming.

Mt. Redoubt

How close is it, you ask? Here’s the Anchor Point beach, which is 4 miles from our house, with Redoubt steaming in the background.

Anchor Beach with Redoubt

This side of the peninsula (west) is covered in ash, way more than we had on the eastern side with the sled dogs. I’ll take some pictures of the piles of it outside our temporary house.

Anyone want some? It’s a little sloppy now, like wet cement, but it should dry out nicely as the sun comes out more.

Quick Update

Real fast, I don’t know how long the internet connection will last…

We’ve left the sled dog job (don’t worry, we gave 6 weeks notice), and have temporarily moved into a friend’s vacant house while we look for a place to rent.

If you desperately need to mail us something, the new address is on my Facebook profile.

I suppose I should finish the post I started 3 weeks ago that will explain all this…it’s been a little hectic!