A few photos from a Saturday

Today was a busy day. It started out with 4 hours of free tech support at the Homer Library for the local Mac User Group. We had about 12 people come through, which is more than usual. I also received 3 calls with Mac-related questions, which is also more than usual.

While waiting for the library to open, I killed some time by taking pictures of the inside of my car. My poor car has been beaten to a pulp this past year, with the 5000 mile move, rocks flying off of passing trucks, falling in ditches, plowing through snow drifts, temperatures well below 0° F, several volcanic eruptions and subsequent ashfalls, and lots of mud. I washed and vacuumed it for the first time since October, and the difference is astonishing. Now I need to wash the interior and shampoo the seats, but that will happen later this summer, once the muddy season is over.

Sigg Bottle


It was snowing when I drove to town this morning, and sleeting when I came back this evening.

Just before loading these images from my camera, I took some shots of Skippy reading, with the camera sitting on my glass-topped desk. Only the lamp reflected on the glass, making it look like it is sitting in a paper muffin cup.

Skippy and Lamp

Tomorrow we’re having dinner with our friends Sarah and Gregg. Before that, we’ll be shopping for a nice shirt and slacks for me to wear to a job interview on Thursday, with the Kenai Peninsula College.

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  1. Justin

    holy crap, that picture blows my mind!!! also… skippy looks like a ninja who you just happened to catch sneaking up on you. she should know better. Ridge’s have ears like naked mole rats.

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