8 thoughts on “Published!

  1. Katie "It's my Birthday" Vernon

    way to go ryan! these look great. Pretty soon the newspaper will be called “Ridge’s-Kick-Ass-WeDon’tNeedNoWords-Photopaper-Tribune.” miss you two like real bad!

  2. Meagan

    Pretty cool. It’s a neat feeling. We’ve kept some of the papers that Chris has had photos printed in.

  3. Congrats Ryan! You’re too cool for words!

  4. Awesome! Congratulations!!

  5. Ryan

    Thanks Katie, Meagan, Ellie, and T!

  6. Myrick

    Woot. (Apparently “woot” was “a bit too short” of a comment, so I’m writing this now)

  7. Ryan


    They don’t call it WordPress for nothing!

  8. Congratulations! Those are fantastic pics!

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