Volcano pictures, finally

Now that we’re living on the other side of the peninsula, we get a pretty good view of the volcano chain as we drive home. We stopped at the Anchor River State Recreation Area last night so I could get some pictures of Redoubt.

It’s steaming.

Mt. Redoubt

How close is it, you ask? Here’s the Anchor Point beach, which is 4 miles from our house, with Redoubt steaming in the background.

Anchor Beach with Redoubt

This side of the peninsula (west) is covered in ash, way more than we had on the eastern side with the sled dogs. I’ll take some pictures of the piles of it outside our temporary house.

Anyone want some? It’s a little sloppy now, like wet cement, but it should dry out nicely as the sun comes out more.

3 thoughts on “Volcano pictures, finally

  1. Have you heard of any indigenous/local/cultural practices (medical, religious, practical, etc.) related to the ash?

  2. Ryan


    No, haven’t heard anything about it besides the potential for lifelong upper respiratory problems if it’s inhaled. Sorry!

  3. Justin

    I want some!!!

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