Our road is on fire

East End Road, where we just spent the last year taking care of sled dogs, and where we are set to move into our own house next month, is ablaze. A wildfire has burned over 1200 acres so far, and continues to rage. As of now, the damage has all been several miles further up the road from both the sled dogs and our future home. A shift of the wind could change all that.

The fire has mostly burned around mile 17 and further east, with the sled dogs and the house we’re buying at miles 15 and 13, respectively. We’ve spent the past couple of evenings with our friends Jason and Kelly, who live just past mile 15 with their own set of sled dogs, in case the area needs to be evacuated and we can lend a hand. Fortunately, the fire has only come close once so far, before getting blown back down the hill.

Last night, we watched 3 helicopters, 2 spotter planes, and a large tanker plane weave an intricate dance over the blaze. As trees would ignite and send flames shooting up into the sky, the choppers would fly overhead and dump huge buckets of water over the area. The tanker plane would circle to gain altitude, then swoop down and unleash it’s contents. Earlier in the day, Smoke Jumpers parachuted in, though I didn’t get to see that.

Several smoldering patches in the burned out area were identified as destroyed houses, though I don’t think anyone has been injured as of yet.

The fire continues to rage, so we’ll make our way back again tonight. Hopefully they’ll get it under control soon.






What’s next, a house?

Yeah, we hope so. We’re about 80% of the way through buying one! We still have the appraisal to go, and then filling in the gaps for our down-payment, then it’s ours. I’ll go into more detail when the deal is closed, but it’s a 1 bedroom house with a bathroom and a shower (yay, running water!). It has 2 outbuildings, one is a workshop/storage building and the other is mainly a place to store firewood. It also has a chicken coop and fencing! Plus, the view is pretty good.

It also comes with 2.6 acres of land, a spring-fed well, and a little pond.