Moose encounters of a close kind

We had another moose by the house. We saw this one through the window…actually, the cat saw it through the window. We always know when a moose is outside, because Cousteau starts to freak out. He paces between the windows looking extremely concerned. I think he deserves a little credit.


Anyway, we watched the moose approach through the window. When it was about 50 feet away from the house, it stopped to munch on the many green plants growing around here. I, of course, grabbed my camera and slowly moved in for some pictures. This one had no babies, so I was slightly less worried than last time.



“But Ryan,” you might be saying, “couldn’t you put fear aside and get even closer to this gigantic and dangerous beast, so we may see it more clearly?”

To you who say such things, I reply “No” and “Shut up.” However, I would put on a bigger lens, and stay at the same safe distance. Behold the moose in all her beautiful, moosie glory!






Eventually she tired of eating our plants, around the same time I got tired of taking pictures of her. It worked out well for both of us, and she moved on to eat someone else’s yard.

2 thoughts on “Moose encounters of a close kind

  1. She’s beautiful! You did an awesome job of capturing all the different colours in her coat. The details are tremendous. Did she know you were there?

  2. Ryan


    Thanks! And yes, she was well aware I was roughly 5 strides (hers) from stomping range. She huffed a couple of times, but that could have been a response to the delicious salad she was munching on. If I made any sudden moves (like swatting at the organic helicopters we call mosquitoes), she would pause her chewing and stare at me until I stopped moving again.

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