Summer sunsets

As summer solstice approaches, we are in the full throes of Alaskan daylight. The sun drops below the mountains just before midnight, but it is only just out of sight. The world is cast into a long twilight, negating the need for flashlights unless traveling into the cover of the woods.

The sun rises again around 4am, and always seems high overhead throughout the day.

Driving home one night last week after dinner with friends, I was inspired by the setting sun to drive past our house and continue another 10 miles down the road to the Anchor Point Beach. First, we stopped at the Baycrest overlook, just outside of Homer.


At Anchor Point, the sun set close to the currently active and obviously smoking volcano, Mt. Redoubt


Even after the sun disappeared, the beach continued to reflect the sky.


And finally:


3 thoughts on “Summer sunsets

  1. Justin

    ‘I want to go to there.’

    And I want that last picture!

  2. Glenn B.

    Man, tonight, I saw the sunset in the rearview mirror over the 101 freeway. It wasn’t quite as spectacular as yours.

    Let me know when the bottom two photos are available for download and/or purchase.

  3. wow. just WOW. could we trade you some Indiana humidity for some Alaska twilight? we’ve got humidity in spades.

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