I interviewed Jewel yesterday

Yes, that Jewel. She’s from Homer, and she’s coming to play a benefit concert for the Artists in the Schools program. I’m going to photograph the concert, and while setting up the media pass, I was given the opportunity to setup a phone interview. So I took it.

The interview will be published in next week’s paper.

I was a bit nervous before she called, this being my first journalistic interview and all, and her being famous and all. While waiting, I kept myself busy by working on the new website. One minute I was working on php code, the next I was talking to a pop/dance/country music star.

In the short 20 minutes I had to talk to Jewel, she was very friendly and easy to converse with. I recorded the conversation, so maybe we’ll post it, or pieces of it, to the Trib site.

And now back to your regularly scheduled pictures of Alaska.

Getting ready

I have to admit, I’m not really looking forward to the approaching winter months. The darkness and piles of snow are a little less exotic after experiencing it once already.

Last winter was rough, what with the short daylight hours and hard work out in the dog yard, so it will be interesting to see what this winter will be like. We will definitely be investing in some happy lights, plus I have a paying job, and the drive into town won’t (hopefully) be so treacherous, so maybe this winter won’t be so bad.