I interviewed Jewel yesterday

Yes, that Jewel. She’s from Homer, and she’s coming to play a benefit concert for the Artists in the Schools program. I’m going to photograph the concert, and while setting up the media pass, I was given the opportunity to setup a phone interview. So I took it.

The interview will be published in next week’s paper.

I was a bit nervous before she called, this being my first journalistic interview and all, and her being famous and all. While waiting, I kept myself busy by working on the new website. One minute I was working on php code, the next I was talking to a pop/dance/country music star.

In the short 20 minutes I had to talk to Jewel, she was very friendly and easy to converse with. I recorded the conversation, so maybe we’ll post it, or pieces of it, to the Trib site.

And now back to your regularly scheduled pictures of Alaska.