Not in the face!

After a year and a half in Alaska, Ashlee finally met a porcupine. This morning, just before leaving for work, I took the dogs out for their morning potty break. Both dogs immediately heard/smelled something in the fireweed that surrounds the yard, and ran towards it. I didn’t see or hear anything, but managed to pull Macgee back on his leash. Ashlee wasn’t on a leash, and emerged from the bushes seconds later with a face full of quills. A trip to the vet, some sedation and a steady hand later, and she’s no worse for the experience.

Hopefully she’ll think twice before investigating further strange rustlings in the brush, but I won’t hold my breath.



4 thoughts on “Not in the face!

  1. Jeff

    OWNED… buahahahaha

  2. Oh! Poor puppy!

  3. Angela

    this makes sad, i’m so glad her mommy is there to comfort her!

  4. T-Rock

    wow she looks so sad that she looks like a different dog. those looks so painful. owie!

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