The more raspberries the better

I picked another pound of raspberries in the backyard over the weekend. After soaking them, we spread them out over wax paper and placed them in the freezer. Once frozen, we transfer them to a large freezer Ziplocs. It looks like we’ll be able to fill 3 or 4 of those bags before we’re done!




While picking the berries, I found this moth resting on a leaf. When I got close with my camera, it started fluttering its wings in warning. I slowed the shutter speed of my camera as much as possible to try to capture the movement.


Getting Flag Comments working in WordPress 2.8

Time for one of my occasional tech nerd posts.

It took me a couple of hours, but I managed to get comment flagging to work on the Homer Tribune website, using Flag Comments and WordPress 2.8.4. Following the instructions included in the Flag Comments documentation does not work. Starting with a post on the WordPress support forum (those instructions are incomplete as well), and then pulling bits and pieces out of the comments-template.php file, I managed to get it working.


First, install the Flag Comments plugin. Next, there are three files to modify in your theme: functions.php, comments.php, and style.css (or whatever your theme’s style sheet is named).

1. functions.php: add this batch of code after the end bracket (}) of the first function. The lines are longer than my post width, so download a text file of this code.

function mytheme_comment($comment, $args, $depth) {
      $GLOBALS['comment'] = $comment; ?>
      <li <?php comment_class(); ?> id="li-comment-<?php comment_ID() ?>">
      <div id="comment-<?php comment_ID(); ?>">
      <div class="comment-author vcard">
      <?php if ($args['avatar_size'] != 0) echo get_avatar( $comment, $args['avatar_size'] ); ?>
      <?php printf(__('<cite class="fn">%s <span class="says">says:</span>'), get_comment_author_link()) ?>
      <?php if ($comment->comment_approved == '0') : ?>
      <?php _e('<p class="mod-mesg">Your comment is awaiting moderation.</p>') ?>
      <?php endif; ?>
      <div class="comment-meta commentmetadata"><a href="<?php echo htmlspecialchars( get_comment_link( $comment->comment_ID ) ) ?>"><?php printf(__('%1$s at %2$s'), get_comment_date(), get_comment_time()) ?></a><?php edit_comment_link(__('(Edit)'),' ','') ?><br /><?php do_action("flag_comment_link"); ?></div>
<p class="comment-p">
      <?php comment_text() ?>
		<div class="reply">
		<?php comment_reply_link(array_merge( $args, array('add_below' => $add_below, 'depth' => $depth, 'max_depth' => $args['max_depth']))) ?>
		<?php if ( 'ul' == $args['style'] ) : ?>
		<?php endif; ?>

2. comments.php: replace the line <?php wp_list_comments(); ?> with
<?php wp_list_comments(‘type=comment&callback=mytheme_comment’); ?>

3. style.css: this is how I modified my css, but you’re welcome to make it look like however you want. I’ll describe each style below.

li div.comment-meta div.flag-comment a {

.mod-mesg {
.comment-p {
  • li div.comment-meta div.flag-comment a: this controls the color (or more) of the Flag text. My particular theme has an overarching style for links, so that’s why I had to dig down and grab the exact div to override.
  • .mod-mesg: this controls the color (or more) of the “Your comment is awaiting moderation” message that’s displayed after a message hits the flagging threshold you’ve set in the admin panel.
  • .comment-p: this allows me to push the comment text a little further down, so longer comments don’t overlap with the added flagging line.