They grow up so fast

Remember the mama and baby moose that visited the house a few months ago? These two:


We’ve seen them passing through more than a few times since then, though always when it’s too dark to really get a photo, or when they’re already too far away. This morning, I was playing with the dogs outside when I realized Macgee hadn’t moved for several minutes, and was staring intently across the road. When I looked more closely, I saw the moose pair making their way through the neighbor’s driveway towards our house. I grabbed the dogs and put them inside and managed to get my camera in time to take a few photos.




3 thoughts on “They grow up so fast

  1. The little one totally saw you trying to get a ‘tock shot. :)

  2. Awesome. Looks freezing cold there already.

  3. Ryan

    It’s actually been quite nice, most of the time! It drops below freezing most nights, but the days have been sunny and in the 50s. Now, if we still lived up on the hill with the sled dogs, it’s hitting the mid-20s at night and stays around 40 most of the day there. That’s just 15 miles away.

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