Adventures in wildlife photography: Homer Vet edition

I always enjoy my visits to the local veterinary clinic. Especially if I’m there doing tech work, and not because our dog shook hands with a porcupine using her face. One week it’s puppies, the next an eagle that was found flopping around on the beach with a broken wing. This week, it was an owl.

A Northern Hawk Owl, to be exact.


It had apparently fared the worse in a contest with a large window. The day before, it was wobbly and couldn’t do much at all, but when I saw it, it had recovered sufficiently enough to sulk in its cage and soundly ignore the pieces of chicken breast and baby hamsters (don’t ask) that were occasionally pushed towards it.

This is the part where you eat me, right?

It still couldn’t fly, and seemed to want to protect its left side. It flopped around the room for a minute, then settled in to stare at us staring at it.

"I disapprove!"

It wasn’t very big, especially since everything in Alaska seems to default to Supersized.

Now this is just embarassing. I'd rather be eaten.

Owlbert (no, I didn’t name it that, the vet tech and the doctor did) made its first flight since the accident, though not with its wings, when it took an airplane up to Anchorage to finish out its rehabilitation with wild bird experts on Saturday.

Update 11/11/09: I’ve been informed that the owl is recovering nicely, and is gladly eating whatever tiny and squirming food is placed in its cage.

5 thoughts on “Adventures in wildlife photography: Homer Vet edition

  1. MK

    I am in love with this owl! He makes me smile! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Justin

    I think another good caption for the ‘I disapprove’ picture would be: “I am not AMUSED!” ;-) Love the tissue box shot.

    Oh, and I still need your Wii number AND I’m guessing you’d like the Force Unleashed at some point, yes? :-p

  3. Aww, he is adorable! But poor thing!

  4. Skippy

    I love the alt text! Cuteoverload, here comes Ryan Ridge!

  5. I want to love him and squeeze him and hug him!

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