Up on the hill

Homer is at sea level, and gradually rises to a couple hundred feet above sea level as you head away from the ocean. And then, there’s a big hill. It just sort of shoots straight up, towering over the town at about 1400 feet.

Next week, we’ll be moving to the top of that hill, when Skippy takes over a doggie bed n’ biscuit business for the winter, called Tails by the Bay. This will mark the…third? Yeah, third time we’ve moved since April. Gosh, I just love moving! But, the house is awesome, and so is the view. It faces the hills behind Homer, and a sea of spruce. Walk 2 minutes down the road, and here’s the view from the hilltop:


So begins Chapter 3 of our Alaskan Adventure. Maybe this will be the part of the story where we become fabulously wealthy and spend the rest of our lives creating art and doing charity work!

2 thoughts on “Up on the hill

  1. Laura

    You know, I’m really liking that chapter. It’s a good read.

  2. Good luck on your new adventure.

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