Return of the sunrise (photos)

Saturdays mean sleeping in, making coffee, and then taking pictures of the sunrise. Today’s sunrise happened at 9:46.

I need a panoramic mount for my camera. Getting this one to match-up was real pain, and it still isn’t perfect. That’s what I get for rotating my body and not the camera and lens.


5 thoughts on “Return of the sunrise (photos)

  1. Oh! That’s amazing!

  2. Tim

    Pretty. So what’s the difference between a panoramic mount and just rotating the camera on a tripod? I guess I never knew there was such a thing as a panoramic mount.

    I got the D90 a little while ago, and have been having fun shooting with it — it’s vastly superior to my old D40, especially in low-light situations. I haven’t messed with taking movies on it much yet, but I want to.

  3. Justin

    So I need this… if you catch my drift. :-P

    p.s. 9:30 isn’t sleeping in – not in my book. Hello NOON!!!

  4. Glenn B.

    Wow. Amazing photo, Ryan.

  5. Ryan

    Hey Tim! The pano mount puts the rotation point near the front of the lens, instead of the camera body (on a tripod) or your whole body if hand-holding the shots. It reduces the amount of distortion present between each individual shot of panoramic series.
    Think of how objects seem to shift when you close one eye or another, because your eyes are a set distance apart. A panoramic mount tries to reduce that kind of shifting.

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