Hey look, it’s a post! Mostly because I see that people are reading the blog for one reason or another, and the sound of crickets is not intriguing.

I’m currently in the throes of launching my business into a fully operational battlestation technology support and training center. I’ve rented space, applied for a loan, and worked a whole bunch. We’ve also managed to move twice since my last post (out of the dog-sitting house once Skippy got her job at Era and into the space above my office, and then out of the space above my office into the house we just rented), so that was fun.

Let’s see, we also did several months worth of preparation for a vacation in Puerto Rico, only to have a blizzard arrive and totally obliterate the road to Anchorage, all flights out of Homer for several days, and our carefully planned vacation. That was also fun. (I think Alaskans must all be masochists)

2 thoughts on “Post-o-matic

  1. Oh! So sorry to hear that your trip didn’t work out!

    The new business sounds so exciting! Wishing you the best of luck!

  2. Ryan

    Thanks, Allie!

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