Basic Craning

Yes, I crack myself up.

You know it’s spring in Alaska when these creepy, slender dinosaur-like tall, majestic birds start popping up everywhere, uttering their signature menacing croak delightful trill. Standing between 4 and 5 feet tall, these Sandhill Cranes seem like they are straight out of Jurassic Park, as they stalk through your yard and jump up and down during their mating dance.

Apparently a pair have taken up residence in our neighbor’s little patch of woods, as I’ve seen them wandering around our street for the past few days. You’d think the abundance of free-roaming neighborhood dogs would deter the cranes from sticking around, but you’d be wrong.

Tomorrow marks the start of this year’s Shorebird Festival, so hopefully Skippy and I will get to do some fun stuff this weekend. Last year we took one of our two total trips out on Kachemak Bay to do a boat tour of Gull Island (yes, that’s where the seagulls nest, very good), so we’ll try something different this year.

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  1. Ha Ha! You crack me up too! : )

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