I mean it

This and the next are going to be picture heavy posts, to prove the thesis of my previous post. I had to wait to display more photos from the halibut tagging trip, as some had yet to be published in the newspaper. Three of them were put on the front page.

So, here are more from our day-long fishing excursion:

We were fishing at 160′ with 3 pound weights to sink the hook and bait, so it took a good 5 minutes of reeling to bring in a fish (or usually, the bait with a chunk missing or an empty hook). There were fewer smiles near the end of the day, so this was definitely a morning shot.

This is a tagged halibut. As of Saturday, if you go fishing and buy a derby ticket, and catch a tagged fish, you win a prize!

I think this is a sculpin, or maybe an irish lord fish. Either way, it wasn’t what we were hoping to pull up.

As requested, here is the best picture I could get of the mountain goats. I only took one lens, a 24mm, so unless I had jumped in the water and hiked up the bluff, this is as good as it could get. Can you make them out?

Here they are, Tenzin, cropped in close. They’re still just whitish blurs. Next time I’ll bring along a bigger lens.