On Kachemak Bay

Our friend Tyra came up to visit last week, and we managed to do some pretty awesome things while she was here.

I have almost 30 photos to post, so I’m going to divide them up into separate entries to give them more attention.

First, photos taken on the water taxi rides.

Gull Island's arch
Gull Island's spire
Kittiwakes wonder why I'm taking pictures of their home
An otter snacks on mollusks
Red Faced Cormorants also wonder why I'm taking pictures of their homes
Pelagic Cormorants practice not looking at each other

2 thoughts on “On Kachemak Bay

  1. Tim

    Hey, nice to see new photos from you! Hope to see more. Still shooting a lot with the 105mm Macro?

  2. Ryan

    Yeah, it’s my primary lens now. My only other lens is 24mm manual focus, and having to set my own aperture, shutter, ISO, and focus for every shot gets tiresome.

    With the 105mm, I just set it to Aperture Priority and set my auto ISO parameters (usually 200-800, 1/100 minimum shutter speed), turn VR on, and then all I have to worry about is the subject and depth of field. Of course, I have to stand about 20 feet away from anyone to get portrait shots, but they do look nice!

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