Times Square

I’ll be posting photos of last week’s trip to NYC thoughout the following week.

I spent most of last Wednesday hanging out in Times Square. I went to visit a former IU School of Journalism faculty member, Sandeep, at CUNY. After that, I spent several hours immersed in the press of people, stores, and lights that make up Times Square.

The entrance to Times Square.
There are quite a few interesting buildings in the area.
Based on the way people drive, I wouldn't ride a bike unless heavily armed.
There is a seemingly endless variation to the kinds of taxis now, including many hybrids.
The 3-story Toys-R-Us has a ferris wheel in it.
I purposefully overexposed this shot. With the sun reflecting off the glass buildings, it was the only way to get a decent exposure on the ground!
In Alaska, the overarching color-scheme is greens and browns. The colors of New York are a visual feast!
This is a walkway underneath a building.
This is under the marquee for...can you guess? ... McDonalds!

In a gallery

I made it to New York, after some adventures in flying. Fog had covered the Kenai Peninsula for about a week, and prevented any flights from leaving Homer. So I drove all the way to Anchorage on Saturday. And promptly had my flight canceled by fog in Anchorage. I was able to get out on Sunday though, and arrived in New York City Monday afternoon.

Tuesday, I went to the Union Gallery Annex to see Mary Kate and check out the art up for auction.

The outside of the Union Gallery Annex on Broadway
Mary Kate works hard
The gallery space is really large
Tyra and my photos are hanging close together
MK organized cleaning the gallery space and hanging all the art
Photos, paintings, sculptures, action figures, weavings...all sorts of art is up for auction

There was a panel discussion about contemporary Tibetan art on Tuesday

The Big Apple

In four days, I journey to New York, New York for the first time ever. Some of my photography work was solicited by the Students for a Free Tibet organization, for use in their Art for Tibet fundraiser. Since three of my photos will be hanging in a gallery in Tribeca for almost a week, along with many other works by artists much more notable than myself, my friends and family thought it would be prudent for me to attend the opening. In fact, when I mentioned to my friend Gregg that I hadn’t really thought about going and I was too busy anyway, his exact words were, “Are you #$%&ing stupid?!” right before he clubbed me in the head with his steak-sized palm.

So I bought a ticket to New York.

If you’re in the area and want to see the excitement, the show is at the Union Gallery, on 353 Broadway. The show opens at noon on Tuesday, Sept. 21st. I’ll be there then, and sporadically through the week. Otherwise, I’ll be wandering around the city, taking pictures and trying not to be overwhelmed by the fact that twice as many people live on the 22 square miles of Manhattan than on the 586,412 square miles of Alaska. YeeeeEEE!

If you’re not in the area but would still like to participate, the Art for Tibet website has an artist listing and online auction going for all the available pieces.

Here are the three I submitted: