In a gallery

I made it to New York, after some adventures in flying. Fog had covered the Kenai Peninsula for about a week, and prevented any flights from leaving Homer. So I drove all the way to Anchorage on Saturday. And promptly had my flight canceled by fog in Anchorage. I was able to get out on Sunday though, and arrived in New York City Monday afternoon.

Tuesday, I went to the Union Gallery Annex to see Mary Kate and check out the art up for auction.

The outside of the Union Gallery Annex on Broadway
Mary Kate works hard
The gallery space is really large
Tyra and my photos are hanging close together
MK organized cleaning the gallery space and hanging all the art
Photos, paintings, sculptures, action figures, weavings...all sorts of art is up for auction

There was a panel discussion about contemporary Tibetan art on Tuesday

3 thoughts on “In a gallery

  1. Justin

    so you’re going to hop on a quick flight to come visit me? :-p

  2. MK

    It was so great to see you, Ryan! Thank you for donating gorgeous photos to Art for Tibet!! It was a huge success!!!

  3. Where did you learn about this? Can you give me the reference?

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