Times Square

I’ll be posting photos of last week’s trip to NYC thoughout the following week.

I spent most of last Wednesday hanging out in Times Square. I went to visit a former IU School of Journalism faculty member, Sandeep, at CUNY. After that, I spent several hours immersed in the press of people, stores, and lights that make up Times Square.

The entrance to Times Square.
There are quite a few interesting buildings in the area.
Based on the way people drive, I wouldn't ride a bike unless heavily armed.
There is a seemingly endless variation to the kinds of taxis now, including many hybrids.
The 3-story Toys-R-Us has a ferris wheel in it.
I purposefully overexposed this shot. With the sun reflecting off the glass buildings, it was the only way to get a decent exposure on the ground!
In Alaska, the overarching color-scheme is greens and browns. The colors of New York are a visual feast!
This is a walkway underneath a building.
This is under the marquee for...can you guess? ... McDonalds!

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  1. Derya Erkan

    Hi Ryan,
    I am student of University of Art Central St Martin in London.I am studying BA Textile Design.I was searching about AURORA ,one of my future project and I saw your adorable photos and I would like to use if you give me permission.I just wanted to let you know I would love to use on my project.Of course as a photographer I am going to write your name and surname.Can you also send me your surname if you let me to use your photos..

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