Finally, the finale.

I had an appointment cancel for this morning (yes, I had an appointment scheduled for 8:30am on Saturday, it’s that busy), so I think I’ll finish posting the photos I took during my trip to NYC in…September? Was it that long ago??

Anyway, here are the final shots from my trip, taken from the top of the Rockefeller Center.

That bright red glow to the right is Times Square.

The Empire State building changes its light colors to commemorate or sponsor different events or groups. This night’s lights was for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of NYC.

You can see the lower observation deck here, with all the Plexiglas jumper barriers.

There are spotlights pointed up from the lower observation deck in a number of places, making it difficult to get good pictures from certain angles. Here, though, the spotlights let me include part of the Rockefeller Center in the shot.

On the top deck, there is a room with these flashing lights in the ceiling, and a security guard. That’s it. I felt like I had stepped into some sort of 80’s European discotheque.

The following morning, I woke up, packed up my bags, said goodbye to Krishna and took a taxi to the airport.

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  1. Krishna

    Aww :) the pictures turned out FANTASTIC! miss you a lot :( maybe next time you and Skippy can make the big adventure to the big apple!

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