Helicopter across the bay

Tyra came up for a winter visit in December, and we took her on a helicopter ride across Kachemak Bay.

The Homer Spit
Grewingk Glacier
Glacier Ice Blue
Near Halibut Cove
Halibut Cove
Intertidal zone
Ocean and mountains, hooray!
Misty mountains

3 thoughts on “Helicopter across the bay

  1. what up ryan! these are so freaking beautiful and eerie, and they do strange and exciting things to my insides! So…remember that print you were going to send me? hehe. can i switch my request to one of Grewingk Glacier? im a little obsessed. miss you guys!

  2. Ryan

    @katie v

    Thanks and yes! I’ll print it today, it’ll go out on Tuesday.

  3. Justin

    I would like to add Glacier Ice Blue to my “Wall of Ryan”… if you catch my drift…

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