Picture of the Week, February Weeks 2 and 3: Make Up Edition

I was a bit preoccupied selling my tech support business and becoming an employee of the company that bought me last week to take many worthwhile photos. To make up for it, I’ll post two photos today.

The first is from Anchorage on Saturday, taken with the iPhone while the plane I was on got sprayed with de-icer. The shot itself isn’t stunning, though the shooting liquid was difficult to capture. What I find interesting is the way this looks like a picture from the 70s. The blurry focus, the high contrast and over saturated colors, all look like snapshots I find in my parents’ photo boxes. I know there are iPhone apps like Hipstamatic that simulate these things, but this shot is completely au naturel. It was just shot from the dark interior of the plane through a dirty, liquid-speckled window. So pretty much the same quality as an average, 70s-era point-and-shoot camera lens.

The second I took yesterday, while traveling from one appointment to another along Skyline Drive. This is what overcast days look like in Homer. Or at least, what they look like if you’re up on the bluff. It’s a bit more boring in town. Not my favorite shot from that location, but it conveys the feeling of the weather conditions.

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  1. Congrats on selling the business! That sure was quick.

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