Change is now

I’m in the process of changing things around a bit (a lot, actually). I’m going to deprecate this blog and branch Instantaneous Instances off and it will become my blog-space from now on. II will also absorb Bigwoofs Photography, since I sold the Bigwoofs name when I merged my IT business with Design-PT. It sounds more complicated than it is.

You can get a peek at what I’m working on for the new site at is live

With the new year, I’ve spun off this blog from, and from now on you can find it at I’ve configured it so the old URL still works and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

Along with this change, I’m starting a new project for 2011: Picture of the Week. I know some ambitious folks do a photo of the day theme, but I’m also running a tech support business around 10-12 hours a day and I know my limits. So every Monday, I’ll post a photo taken the previous week, whether it’s from my D90 or iPhone. I’ll include some context and maybe even a critique if I’m feeling enthusiastic.

I’ll also be discussing the drastic changes that have occurred since we moved here over 2 years ago. The experiences we had in 2008/2009 feel so far away, but they left an indelible mark on our consciousness that colors every decision we make now. I’d like to explore that more in writing.

Welcome, 2011!

In a gallery

I made it to New York, after some adventures in flying. Fog had covered the Kenai Peninsula for about a week, and prevented any flights from leaving Homer. So I drove all the way to Anchorage on Saturday. And promptly had my flight canceled by fog in Anchorage. I was able to get out on Sunday though, and arrived in New York City Monday afternoon.

Tuesday, I went to the Union Gallery Annex to see Mary Kate and check out the art up for auction.

The outside of the Union Gallery Annex on Broadway
Mary Kate works hard
The gallery space is really large
Tyra and my photos are hanging close together
MK organized cleaning the gallery space and hanging all the art
Photos, paintings, sculptures, action figures, weavings...all sorts of art is up for auction

There was a panel discussion about contemporary Tibetan art on Tuesday

The lost post

Looking through my “Bucket List” series of posts about our time as sled dog handlers, I see I completely passed over our last couple of months there, and the decision to leave. So incomplete!

The final word on our working with the sled dogs will be the next post.

What’s next, a house?

Yeah, we hope so. We’re about 80% of the way through buying one! We still have the appraisal to go, and then filling in the gaps for our down-payment, then it’s ours. I’ll go into more detail when the deal is closed, but it’s a 1 bedroom house with a bathroom and a shower (yay, running water!). It has 2 outbuildings, one is a workshop/storage building and the other is mainly a place to store firewood. It also has a chicken coop and fencing! Plus, the view is pretty good.

It also comes with 2.6 acres of land, a spring-fed well, and a little pond.