I am tired

Yes, I am. And the weekend isn’t going to be very restful. Tomorrow I get up early and go with the family to Feast of the Hunter’s Moon. Sunday, from 9-6, will be spent running around Yellowood State Forest doing mock rescues for my Wilderness First Responder course. After that, it’s to the library to research the history of underwear for a class project.

And the Check Engine Light came on in my car yesterday. I think it’s due to me not screwing the gas cap on tight enough, so hopefully the light will turn off in the next few starts.

Manual labor

I spent part of the day today helping my father rebuild a section of the dam that had washed away earlier this year. We used a mattock to loosen up dirt off of a hillside in the woods, shoveled the dirt into two 5-gallon buckets, and carried them over to the channel. After dumping the dirt in, we used a tamper to pack the dirt down. It took about 30 bucket-loads to fill it in. Then my brother and I collected large rocks (rip rap) and placed them on the lake side of the dam, to prevent washout.

Then we played basketball.

Gonna be sore in the morning.