Frank and Katie left today to hike their way up the Appalachian Trail for the next few months. Before leaving, Frank decided he wanted a mohawk for the trail. I provided the clippers, and took pictures. The full gallery is up on Facebook, but here are some choice shots.





Have fun on the trail! We already miss you!

Lazy Sunday in February

Yesterday was Tyra’s 34th birthday. Her party was on Saturday, so yesterday was mostly recovery. I spent the day reading about how to build things, like a cheap steadycam mount, a cardboard solar dehydrator, and a greenhouse. Skippy spent the day sleeping. We finally managed to get up around 6, and wandered over to Tyra’s to help polish off some of the leftovers from her dinner party. The weather here was crap, with high winds and rain all day.



Home: Dinner and Grey’s Anatomy

4 women on a couch

Ladies Night on the Couch

See, it’s once again after midnight, and here I am. It’s really hard to get up in the morning.

Tonight was dinner at Kim’s, and we had sloppy joes and baked beans. I made vegan sloppy joes: 2 cups of TVP reconstituted in 1.5 cups of Better than Bullion No Beef Base, then cooked with a bunch of ketchup, some mustard, and a small amount of white vinegar. It was delicious. Afterwards, the women got cozy on the couch, while I, the lone man tonight, hid under a pillow on a big chair.

Home: Lazy Saturday

Two dogs on a bed

Dog Pile

Friday night we went to a White Elephant holiday party for IU Outdoor Adventures at Kim’s house. Julie gave away a Jerky Gun kit (yes, it is a caulking gun that makes meat jerky), and I gave away a combo movie pack of The Last Action Hero and a VHS of Thumbwars. Julie received a gift of teddy bear clothes, which we then put on Kim’s cats. I first picked a package that contained a t-shirt with the words “30, and I don’t want to grow up” in big, glittery letters, a book titled “About Us” for couples, and a polo shirt for a chimpanzee rescue center. Totally awesome, right? Well, I had my monkey (sorry, ape) shirt taken by Jackson, so I picked another gift. That one was a set of hand-carved wooden spoons from Dave Frost. Totally awesome x2, right? Of course they were taken from me, by the wily and treacherous Katie Vernon. Who had them taken from her by Allyson. Who then had them taken by Katie’s husband, Frank. I ended up with a cool travel mug that has a carabiner for a handle, and top made out of 4 plastic balls stuck together.

Afterwards, Julie and I stayed up until 3am, going through the “About Us” book, and we let the dogs get up on the bed with us for awhile. Our walls aren’t actually light pink, I think the flash made that happen.