Bigwoofs Photography: it lives!


I’m giving everyone access to a whole lot of my photos, in full resolution, ready for printing. I’ll take donations, and sell you signed prints, but you’re free to take them and do almost anything you want with them.

Bigwoofs Photography

You’ll probably see most of the photos posted here first, then I’ll migrate them over to the free site as I have time. Not everything I post here will go on the site for download, but most will.

If you have any suggestions or find anything that doesn’t work, let me know!

Fixing the past

I’ve been going through my older posts, and updating the image links so the pictures I posted years ago will show up. I’ve moved the blog around a few times, changed DNS names, and generally haven’t made it easy on myself to keep a consistent blog presentation.

I also just found that I’m missing at least an entire year’s worth of images, probably accidentally deleted when I reinstalled WordPress last year. Fixing that means tracking them down in iPhoto, re-uploading them, and editing each post. Dang.

Skippy and I decided to stay in for New Years, since it was hovering around 0°F, added to the need to drive 30 minutes to get anywhere, added to the cost of buying any food or drink item at Alaska prices. So, we watched some movies, and drank way too much champagne.

Happy New Year!

Energizer Sunrises

One of the benefits of having the sun move more horizontally than vertically during the winter is the length of our sunrises and sunsets. While we currently may only have 5 hours of actual sun, the rising and setting takes hours. Yesterday morning, the sky started turning colors around 9:15. I successfully ignored the temptation to get my camera, because I’ve captured a number of sunrises already.

Around 10:00, I looked up and saw one of the mountain peaks had horns. A strong wind must have been blowing, and snow was shooting off the twin peaks into the sky.

So I ran and setup my camera. First, I used the 105mm.

Then, I got out my big 500mm Reflex lens. It looks like a can of stew, and has a big mirror in it (like a reflex telescope). It’s also manual focus, with a fixed f8 aperture, and a focal plane about the thickness of a piece of paper. Basically, it’s a pain to focus correctly, especially at low light.

Still, this one (of about 30 shots) seems to have turned out sort of sharp.

Another 30 minutes of work, and then I was back taking pictures. I wanted to capture a panoramic of the scene, so here you go.

When the sun finally showed its face, it was already 11:00. That’s almost 2 hours of sunrise action! Sunset seems to go on forever as well, but a big hill blocks most of that from view.

Today, even the mountains were covered in clouds, so the sunrise was completely obscured.

In other news, I’m about halfway through creating the photography section of the main Bigwoofs site, where I’ll be able to sell prints directly to you, via Paypal or money order/check. This also means I’ll be able to sign any prints, the lack of which is one of the drawbacks to buying from American Frame, I gather? If I’ve posted anything you might be interested in potentially purchasing, leave me a comment or shoot me an email and I’ll make sure to put it in the store. Even if you don’t actually ever purchase anything, I’d like to know what might be salable!

An award!

I’ve been given an award by TMC at Return to Rural! She hearts my little blog here, and included it for an award that’s going around. Thanks T!

As the rules dictate (or at least suggest…gently), I need to do the following.

Display the award. (check)
Linking back to the person who gave it to you. (check)
Paying it forward & nominating 7 blogs. (see below)
Leaving comments on their blogs telling them they’ve received one. (will do)
Enjoying the award. (oooh yeah)

I don’t read more than 7 blogs, so picking will be pretty easy. I’m too busy working, taking pictures/video, editing said pictures/video, and posting to this place. Basically, every blog I follow is written by a friend. So, in no particular order, the lucky winners are:

this is my blog – A good friend, a former coworker, an awesome person, and recently hired by Apple!
Mommy to Monkeys – One of my best friends in high school, now I enjoy reading about her work fun raising 2 boys!
Vernons Away! – two good friends from IU Outdoor Adventures, now living in New Hampshire. Reading Frank’s accounts of his (and Nootka’s) adventures with bats and skunks almost makes it seem like we’re all still hanging out.
10 Days Of… – Katie’s (of Vernons Away fame) daily illustration blog, where she takes a subject and applies her formidable artistic talent to it for 10 days.
Sled Dog Skippy – My wife’s blog. Seldom updated, but always insightful! (no, she’s not standing behind me with a sharp stick ow ow ow okay!)

That’s it. Congratulations, you’re all winners!