It was a cold and rainy day. Fall has arrived.

We combated the dreariness by going to an Indian dinner fundraiser. The food was good, and we arrived early enough to sample everything.


Then, in a fit of “hey, why not?” we drove down to the end of the Spit. I got out to take pictures, in the rain. It was so dreary, that I’ve converted most of the images to black and white!





This one had enough color that I left it alone:


Here’s a full color look at what it was like out there. The picture would have worked better without the giant blurry raindrops all over it.


Getting ready

I have to admit, I’m not really looking forward to the approaching winter months. The darkness and piles of snow are a little less exotic after experiencing it once already.

Last winter was rough, what with the short daylight hours and hard work out in the dog yard, so it will be interesting to see what this winter will be like. We will definitely be investing in some happy lights, plus I have a paying job, and the drive into town won’t (hopefully) be so treacherous, so maybe this winter won’t be so bad.

On the way from work

Having a scenic surrounding is a timesink. How often is too often for stopping to take a picture of something pretty and/or cool? I stop a lot less than I’d like, but enough to warrant some extra budgeting on any ETA I give out.

Today continues the string of overcast, rainy days that will apparently extend into the future indefinitely. At least ocean, mountains, glacier and clouds make for some dynamic scenes! I saw this in my rearview mirror on the way home from work, and I had to stop.


I found, while exercising last night, that my right knee is not well. When doing squats, it sounds more or less like pulling apart a wad of plastic wrap under my kneecap. It’s a sound I’ve never heard a body part make before. I stopped doing squats.

Bye bye sun

After several months of beautiful, clear days, the clouds have returned. Rain is in the forecast for at least the next 10 days (as far as weather.com is willing to predict). Hopefully it won’t last the rest of our short summer.

Cloudy days aren’t so bad, however, as long as we’re not completely enveloped in fog. Overcast days have their own beauty here. Especially when the fireweed starts blooming.