Picture of the Week, Feb. 28

This view is for sale.

This panoramic was taken from a lot in the Stone Step Lake development. Skippy, Patrick, Jenni and I drove out there on Sunday to look around. It’s a beautiful area, with views of this, Stone Step Lake, or both! This particular lot seems to be going for $250K, if you’re interested.

I have a ton of photos from this little excursion, I’ll try to post more this week.

Picture of the Week, Feb. 7

Turnagain Arm is Frozen

I took this yesterday, about 15 miles outside of Anchorage. 6 weeks ago, I drove our friends’ car back from Anchorage while they took a long vacation to visit family and friends. They arrived back in Alaska Sunday night and will be presenting at an environmental conference in Anchorage this week, so I drove their car back up for their use. I did some shopping, ate at Pho Saigon again, and then flew back to Homer (having a spouse that works for Era Aviation is awesome! Free flights!).

Anyway, this is one of the turn-outs off of the highway. During the summer, this is where the ocean is. Now it’s just ice and ice boulders for miles. It’s an awesome sight any time of year, and I’m happy that the clouds cleared enough to get some blue in the shot.

Picture of the Week, Jan. 24


This is sort of a self-portrait, since I’m standing there in the entrance to our kitchen. The curve of the kettle gives me a super-long torso and a tiny tiny head. I placed the kettle on our dining room table, having just brought it in from my car while it was raining/snowing, and I set the camera on a tripod for the 1/15 second exposure it took with all the lights on.

My favorite part of this photograph is the left side. Yeah, the part that isn’t in focus. This lens (Nikkor 105mm Micro) has such a nice bokeh. That’s the technical term for how a lens renders the out-of-focus elements of a photograph. This lens has a very even blur on those elements. The blue at the top is out a window, then down to a chair, and finally the tabletop.