Bigwoofs Photography: it lives!


I’m giving everyone access to a whole lot of my photos, in full resolution, ready for printing. I’ll take donations, and sell you signed prints, but you’re free to take them and do almost anything you want with them.

Bigwoofs Photography

You’ll probably see most of the photos posted here first, then I’ll migrate them over to the free site as I have time. Not everything I post here will go on the site for download, but most will.

If you have any suggestions or find anything that doesn’t work, let me know!

Fixing the past

I’ve been going through my older posts, and updating the image links so the pictures I posted years ago will show up. I’ve moved the blog around a few times, changed DNS names, and generally haven’t made it easy on myself to keep a consistent blog presentation.

I also just found that I’m missing at least an entire year’s worth of images, probably accidentally deleted when I reinstalled WordPress last year. Fixing that means tracking them down in iPhoto, re-uploading them, and editing each post. Dang.

Skippy and I decided to stay in for New Years, since it was hovering around 0°F, added to the need to drive 30 minutes to get anywhere, added to the cost of buying any food or drink item at Alaska prices. So, we watched some movies, and drank way too much champagne.

Happy New Year!

New(ish) Bigwoofs Technology site

I spent most of this afternoon revamping the Bigwoofs Technology site, trying out a tool called RapidWeaver. I did the last iteration by hand, and it was okay, but I didn’t put any effort into making it IE6 compatible, and boy did it look bad on IE6.

The newer version looks much better. The design is pretty plain, but I’m okay with that for now. I used a couple of plugins called Accordian and PlusKit to make everything work.

Next step: advertising. I’ll buy some adspace in the two local newspapers tomorrow, and see what comes of it.

Tag cloud?

Jerry showed me a nifty little plugin for WordPress that takes all the categories and tags on a blog and turns them into a little Flash tag cloud animation. Let’s see if it works.

EDIT: Well, it works, but it places itself over the edge of the post outline, so I temporarily enclosed it in a list tag until I figure out a better solution. I also need to start tagging my posts, I suppose. The categories are a little sparse.

EDIT 2: Apparently I can only have one instance running at a time, so I’ve gone ahead and moved it to the sidebar. I’m in the process of tagging the posts. Exciting!